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Cash Advance Payday Loans FAQ's

What is a payday advance, payday loan, cash advance, or cash check advance?

They are all different names for a short term loan of between $50 and $1500 that you pay back on your next paycheck pay.

How do payday loan, cash advance, payday advance or cash check advance work?

You fill out a simple application program, get approved, sign some forms, and see the money deposited into your personal checking account. On your next payday, your account is debited for the amount you owe.

What do I need to apply for a cash advance?

You need to be employed and have an active personal bank account.

Does it matter if I have bad credit or good?

It does not matter if you have bad credit or no credit at all. payday loans are designed to help people in need of emergency cash, so lenders understand that you may have had credit troubles in the past.

Do you do a credit check during the online form process?

No, the 3 major, traditional CBs are not used in the application process.

What if I have filed bankruptcy in the past?

You may still qualify if you have have filed bankruptcy in the past, although the bankruptcy usually must be released.

Is any collateral required to get a payday advance, payday loan, cash advance, or cash check advance from us?

No, you simply authorized the lender to deposit and deduct cash from your bank account using the Automated Clearing House or ACH process. This is the same process most employers used to direct deposit your paycheck on your cash check advance, payday loan, cash advance, or payday advance .

How long does it take to get my money?

In some cases, you could get your money as soon as the same day. Most of the time the money? is in your account by the next day if you apply during business hours.

Is my personal information safe?

Our website is secured by SSL encrypted technology so that you can be assured your personal information is safe and secure. You are also protected by our Privacy Policy.

 cash advance payday loans


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